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Thursday, 21-Jan-2010 10:45
Qistyna is now 21 mths old!
My Qistyna Alisya has now become a little lady on her own right. Cute sgt skrg ni. Likes to help mummy do chores around the house, mengemas.. :-D and she can understand what I say to her really well...Love her so much and there's nothing in the world that I wouldn't do for her...She's my world, my soul, my everything...

in another 2 mths she'll be 2! Oh no! The trouble 2! $-) :-S everyone warns me abt this but not sure how I'm gonna survive...oh well, nowdays pun dia dah pandai tjk tantrum dia kalau x dapat apa2...drama queen ni tau! jgn tak tau! nangis tapi xde air mata ;-) but I know that mmg I x sabar nak held her 2nd birthday party...now pun I dah start planning ... LOL 8-)


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